Shoes and Tie

A short story by Sachin Gupta

Copyright 2014

Published at Smashwords

Shoes and Tie

First of April was approaching fast. The whole world celebrated it as fools’ day. The very thought of it used to give me sleepless nights. This was the day when I got my son admitted to an English medium school. This was also the day which the school celebrated as parents’ day as if to remind me that I had rushed in where other poor feared to tread. Or, it might have been a reminder that parents were fool to be over-engaged with their wards in the early stages and over-reliant on them at the later stages of life. Whatever, I might say, the school was marketing genius which had all sort of days in its store like parents day, grand-parents day, sisters day and brothers day etc. Thanks god my son Hari did not have one any siblings or grandparents. Also, it was good that they did not split parents’ day into mother’s day and father’s day. Each celebration meant paying visit to the school with respective celebrity of the day in whose honor the day was being celebrated and dodging the non-charitable trust donation request. Given the fact that most of the time, I myself was in need of charity whether from God, son, wife or bosses, dodging the charity the request came easy to me, but not the associated expenditures.

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