Oakwood was perfectly named: an exclusive development set in small oak woods. It gave testimony that even twenty years earlier there were some developers interested in preserving the ecology, contrary to many of the complaints of the time. Oakwood was truly a compliment to man and nature working as partners.

From the corner of his eye Jim noticed a young boy, no more than ten, watching from behind the dark halo of the street lamp as Jim’s headlights reflected off the white garage door and back into the car as Jim pulled into his new driveway. Timmy’s brow furrowed and he stirred uncomfortably moving his sleeping into an even less comfortable position. Looking back, the boy was gone. Jim took the package that the Realtor had sent them from Wisconsin; the package that Jim knew to contained keys and garage door openers, and smiled a light, tired smile. He remembered the night he and Lisa paged through the endless parade of photographs of homes in the Madison area. He remembered the twinkle in Lisa's eyes, and the quiet gasp that escaped through her full lips when she saw the photo of this house. The Realtor had been talking, so he missed it. It took him almost two days to realize what Jim had known that very instant. Lisa had made her choice. The house was a beautiful two-story home with just a suggestion of Victorian styling white clapboard with a blue gray trim, the color of a rainy day. The double sized lot was green and plush with a hedge for a fence and clump birch on either side of the walk. In the rear, shading the house from the midday sun was a stately oak, ready to tell of generations gone by.

They had both missed Wisconsin more than they were willing to admit. The children had only visited over the Christmas season. Timmy already loved the winters, as his father did, and Kathi was thrilled about being able to see her grandparents almost at will. "Hey, sleepy,” He whispered. "Wanna open our house warming present?"

"Ummm” Lisa moaned, in response to a question that Jim was not even certain she heard. Jim opened the package and drew out the transmitter. He pushed the opener and smiled as the door floated up. He loved gadgets. He looked at Lisa and smiled, and then he leaned over and woke her with a kiss. "Come on. Wake up," he said. "I'll drive you over the threshold."

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