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Ebooks - some authors hate them. Baroness P.D. James, president of the Society of Authors, finds ebooks ‘unattractive’. Many authors and readers much prefer the look, feel and even smell of a physical book. Some technophobes just hate them on principal whilst others, particularly those of us somewhat longer in the tooth can find the whole subject rather intimidating.

JK Rowling refused to consider letting any of her work be offered in this format until April 2011, in spite of clamouring from fans. But if you knew where to look on line, all seven of her books could be found quite easily, available as electronic downloads - and all free. The reality is that her fans wanted her books in this form, and made it happen unofficially where no official option was available. I had a quick look at one of the pirate versions, and the quality of the scanning was pretty grim. No-one really gained. Readers got a poor quality product; the author was left appearing to be like King Canute trying to hold back the waves.

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