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Equus Felinus

Like much of the world, we watched on television the Northern Alliance soldiers in Afghanistan leaping on their horses and heading out hell-for-leather waving their guns over their heads. It was the old glory-days movies come again. It made us want to laugh. Then cry. (Yes, cats can laugh and cry. You already believe in the Cheshire Cat. Crying and laughing, with your other discoveries herein, will require only small leaps.) We went on-line, found a Khyber Pass website devoted to “Victorian Era Colonial Wargaming” with a lot on the Afghan War and Kabul. Vintage 1879 it may be, but Afghanistan hasn’t changed all that much, particularly Afghan horses. I hope somebody in President Bush’s Cabinet is aware of this website. The professor who constructed it knows whereof he websites.

A bit of background. My alias, which is all you will get, is “The Pea-Green Cat.” You may have heard or read of me before. My pseudonym sounds playful enough. Do not be misled. My umbrella organization is the Cat Brigade. For centuries, we cats have effected change from behind the scenes. Permit me two examples. We gave the world electricity; its secret resides in our fur. The mouse who taught Mr. Franklin learned it from us, one of the early alliances between mouse- and catkind. More germane for our present purposes, in London’s famous Highgate Cemetery, one of our most intellectual members, a relative of mine, took up residence upon the tomb of philosopher Herbert Spencer in order that he might commune with and influence that bright mind. Once suitably fortified, he stared across the way at the tomb of Karl Marx—until the Soviet Union dissolved. Similarly, we helped the Afghans purge their Russians. We have an interest in Afghanistan. Please ask yourself why as I move toward the answer.

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