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"This is a love story. True, the diary kept secretly by George taylor between 1940 and 1943, when he served in the Royal Army Medical Corps on the island of malta, reports on the siege when the island faced daily raids and attacks from Axis forces. But the real theme of the diary is his anxiety for the survival of his relationship with Nettie.

The diary was kept secret because it had to be. Taylor knew he would be in trouble if it were found. There is no censor in the diary ."

Scottish Association of the Teachers of History

"This is a most unusual military history book. There are few military non-combatant accounts of life in the Second World War, fewer still from an Other rank. Based on words and feelings recorded at the time it is probably unique.

It is an interesting an informative account of the Siege of malta, with its devastation of the islanders' jobs, properties, health and social communities, and of the sacrifices made by sailors and airmen to maintain the island and drive off the aggressors.

Obviously a high-minded young man, his eager adoption of the Masons' codes and customs is to his credit and must make very interesting reading for those who are of the Brotherhood."

Don Marshall, Military History Enthusiast

For my children

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