Matthew Henry's Method for Prayer

Edited and revised by Ligon Duncan

with William McMillan

Executive Production by Dan Arnold

Copyright 2009, Dan Arnold and Ligon Duncan.

Publisher, Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals Inc, 1716 Spruce St Philadelphia PA 19103 USA. Smashwords Edition.

A Method for Prayer was written by Matthew Henry, March 25, 1710. For ease of reading, the editors have sought to update some of the author's language.

All Scripture, unless otherwise noted, is taken from the King James Version of the Holy Bible.

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Material from this book, as well as other resources related to Biblical prayer, may also be accessed online at


Preface to the E-Reader Version

Matthew Henry’s Method for Prayer was re-introduced to the public almost fifteen years ago. Things have changed significantly in the publishing world since then, to say the least! The original reprint of Matthew Henry’s classic included a number of appendices, which are absent from the present version.

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