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I think beginning posers will be able to use these techniques to move beyond the cheesy grin we see too often in portraits. Likewise someone who has modeled before, and individuals with a natural talent in front of the camera, will benefit by learning to tell a story through improvisation.

I would also definitely suggest that photographers consider using this approach as an ice-breaker-shoot. Together you can find the creative flow necessary in crafting believable emotions and unique poses.

In a word, Martin’s approach will help you develop the special chemistry that can turn an everyday photo-making session into a unique experience.

—Jen Rene Cowden, Mode Mayhem #1750061

I have worked with many photographers who get a bit frustrated trying to cue a model to get that perfect facial expression or pose. Kimeldorf’s fun improvisational games helped me to relax and just be myself without any pressure or negativity. The underlying attitude of the shoot showed very clearly through the amazing images that were created. I would recommend his method to any photographer or model as a creative way to achieving smashing results.

—Christina Smith, Model Mayhem #1735479

I have never modeled in front of a camera before. And although Martin's unique style of photography requires a different set of skills than I had imagined. I found it surprisingly easy to work with. His technique is a lot closer to that of a theater director than of a straightforward photographer. Martin was able to guide me toward real emotion. When I saw the shots later, I was impressed at how extreme and varied my expressions could become.

—Curran Foster, theater student, University of Washington

Whenever someone asks me how to get subjects to be more expressive, I tell them about Martin's methods. His approach will appeal to beginning photographers and those that are doing family portraits, senior portraits, and other types of photography where they're trying to connect with the subject and get them to express their personality. I also think it's a great starting point for models that are just getting started or want to improve their existing skills.

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