Chapter One

The sound of my high heels tapping the ground with a click-clock sound buzzed around the city like I was a celebrity. Everybody was staring at me and my insane beauty. I try to look as pretty as possible, and considering that many people who try to look as pretty as possible are always the prissy ones, I’m pretty surprised I’m not a big jerk. I like to take long walks through town every single day. Today was no different: the usual fun walk through town, earning twenty compliments per street for how beautiful I look. Nobody who compliments me is attractive. It really sucks, because my parents want me to have a boyfriend in order to be more social. I’m not sure what my parents are trying to get at here. If they think getting banged is being social, then okay mom and dad. I reached the crosswalk and was going to hit the button to turn on the red light – but then I noticed a really, really handsome boy staring at me with his beautiful smile. I tried to maneuver my hand around him to hit the button, but he stopped me. “Don’t worry; I’ve got it for you.” He then proceeded to press the button, and we walked together down the crosswalk. He was about to turn in another direction, which made my stomach drop because I really wanted to meet him. But he obviously noticed that, so he smiled an awkward smile and walked with me. I’m not the most talkative person, per say, but I absolutely have to get it together this time, because I can see that I have a chance with this boy. “You’re beautiful,” He suddenly said to me. “Has anyone ever told you that?” I laughed. “Maybe . . .” He chuckled, mostly because of a slight croak in my voice. “Let me guess – you hear that every day, non-stop, seven days a week . . .” I nodded. “Story of my life,” He said.

As the day went on I became more and more interested in him. I learned that his name was Caleb and that his grandmother’s name is the same as mine (Rose). I also learned that he likes to walk through town, and that he’d love to walk with me sometimes. He even gave me his number. All throughout the day he just could not stop looking at me. I could tell he was madly in love with me, and I mean MADLY. It was pure happiness the whole day through, until the sun was passing under the horizon. I, of course, never wanted the day to end, so you could tell I was really sad. But I had to get in my mom’s car to get home or else she would get really upset, so I groaned and did what I was told, after saying goodbye to Caleb. And, when I got home, I immediately got on my phone and starting texting away. And I learned more things about Caleb, to the point where everything else I have ever known about in my life was completely forgotten about for the hours I had been texting him. I was so glad I had met him; he is certainly the love of my life and always will be. It was so tempting to keep texting him but he really had to go to sleep. So, while he went to sleep, I kept staring at the messages screen, waiting for him to say something else. But he never did, so I came to the conclusion that he really did go to sleep. And I did too.

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