It’s the Artist's Life for me!

By Culture Grrrl, Valer!e Monroe Shakespeare & Artist, Tery Fugate-Wilcox ©

This book is dedicated to

My Goddess, muse, wife, advisor, and constant companion

who created me as if I were her work of art.

For 48 years Valer!e made it possible that the only thing I had to do was art.

The true author of this tome and I.

Valer!e Monroe Shakespeare 1944-2011

From 1963 till 2011 we were together 24/7 or more than 25,000,000 minutes.

A collection of anecdotes, (all true) we often tell at dinner parties

With Complimentary Cookbook, Entertaining & Life Tips

"Artists exist by a series of miracles" Noel Coward

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