Love Death & Others

Author: Bosman A Brink


Publication Date: 09-19-2014

ISBN: 978-3-7368-4062-1


While poetry is seen as an art not expressed by many, I see it as a way of expressing ones most inner feelings. Poetry has a way of carrying over a message that is not easily expressed verbally. Poetry puts these perspectives in a different light.

I was in a dark place in my life when I wrote these poems as I had at the time lost everything I owned as well as my family. I went through a terrible divorce and I could not see my kids as often as I was used to. Being ripped away from everything and everyone I held dear to me. Poetry kept me alive and sane in these times. I started writing to a lady at work that appreciates poetry, and soon I had a fan club of a couple of ladies at work awaiting my newly inspired creations.

This in turn inspired me to keep on writing as I was making a difference in a couple of people’s lives.

I hope you enjoy this book and hopefully it inspires you as well.

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