Chapters 181-192

A weekly serial by

Robert Arthur Smith

THE DUCKS OF DOOM was a 2002 Independent e-Books award finalist.

Copyright 2000-2009,

Robert Arthur Smith,

All rights reserved.


The alien was nonplussed. In fact, all three of his heads were ticked off.

"This doesn't look like Kansas to me!" he said.

The carnie in charge of the presidential campaign ride was a little confused at first, and justifiably so.

If you've never heard three heads talking as one, it can take some getting used to. It helps if you've read any Uncle Scrooge comics--the ones featuring Hewey, Dewey, and Louie--but so few people read the classics these days!

Carnies, however, are nothing if not adaptable.

"Of course it's Kansas!" he said, quickly spelling out the name with a black marker pen on the side of the little Car of Death. "See--it says Kanssas."

One of the alien's heads peered at the crude lettering.

"Kansas is spelled with one 's'," it said piously.

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