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This is a live Google Docs discussion. It examines the history and mechanics of the publishing industry as it exists today, analyzes the way the digital revolution reflects recent events in Egypt and the Maghreb, and considers a completely inappropriate YouTube video featuring a randy monkey and an unlucky frog. It clocks in at about 26,000 words, and reveals some pretty startling things.

We encourage everyone reading this conversation to tweet about it, mention it on Facebook or your blog, and post a review. Our goal is to get this information out there, because it benefits authors and could theoretically make legacy publishers smarter (the only reason we’re charging 99 cents rather than offering it for free is because online retailers don’t let self-pubbed authors post things for free). Help us spread the word—thanks.

Copyright © 2011 by Barry Eisler and Joe Konrath

The chimpanzee image used for the interior of this ebook is Copyright © Thomas Lersch and used under a Creative Commons license.

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Smashwords Edition: June 2011

Table of Contents

Part One

The Rise of eBooks and Self-publishing

The Future of Paper

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