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Late Night with Elaine

Joe Brewster

Copyright 2011 Joe Brewster

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Elaine and I barely knew each other when we first started working together.

When I say working together I don’t mean as a team. It’s just that when everyone else fled the office for the day we each stayed late, of our own volition, to tie up loose ends.

There were always loose ends. Consequently, Elaine and I often found ourselves sharing late nights at the office alone together.

I blame demographics.

Elaine and I were the seasoned veterans of the office. We felt committed to a certain level of excellence regardless of monetary compensation. We were the so-called ‘Go-To Guys’. Most of the office help were just kids, or temps, or both.

When the clock hit five they were gone. We couldn't blame them. We didn't think to blame them. We kept our noses to grindstone and worked hard to produce quality material.

As time went by, Elaine and I automatically began doing little things to help each other out.

If one of us were making copies we'd asked the other if they needed some done. If one of us got a coffee we'd bring the other a cup, that’s the sort of thing I mean.

We fell into a routine. One day it suddenly dawned on us we were like an old married couple. It was as though we skipped all the fun parts like courtship and sex and went straight to dull rut of married life.

Except it wasn't dull.

Not really.

At some point we started hanging out together after we’d knocked out our work. Not going out or anything. Just sitting back and putting our feet up and relaxing after our work was done. Casually conversing, or as the saying goes, shooting the breeze.

It was a pleasant way to pass an evening. It was nice having a companion to talk to. Neither of us had anyone waiting for us at home.

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