I am Crawford MacAdam. My life was quite ordinary until the odd-looking man at my door announced I had won a luxury spaceship in the Grand Galactic Lottery. To say I was incredulous would be an understatement. The strange being was persuasive and I was forced to accept he was telling the truth.

However, to collect my prize I had to travel to Geretimal in the Capellan system where I would appear on the Galactic Lottery trivee show, meet the President of the Capellan Theocracy and participate in the Breeding Programme. Oh, and I had to leave now. I balked at this. While I could abandon my job, family, friends and home I would not abandon my cats. They had to come too.

It had all sounded easy back on Earth but the reality was somewhat different. The bizarre world I encountered was a minefield of intrigue, corruption, conspiracy, bureaucracy, a potentially lethal environment and some anonymous beings who believed the galaxy would be a better place if I wasn't in it. Even the Lottery turned out to be a sham whose sole function was to induce me to take part in the Breeding Programme.

I could buckle under the pressure or I could fight. I fought, and along the way I found friendship, love and tragedy. But I'm still alive. I have the support of loyal friends. I will survive.

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