by Dan Dillard

born 12MARCH2014

published NLT 31OCTOBER2014

Smashwords edition.

Copyright © 2014 Dan Dillard

Cover design by Dan Dillard

ISBN: 9781311080677

Don’t copy this, it isn’t yours.

Dedicated to my dog, Fender. You’re a good boy. Pets are important. I think every kid should have one.

Acknowledgements (so far):

Thanks to the following Facebook buddies: Christine Morgan, David De Ryckere, Annalisa Bond, Clarissa Johal, Jessica McHugh, Trudie O’Melia, Stephen Jansen, Kirstie Walklate, Marie Gilbert, Thomas Brown, J.c. Paul, Stacey Carper, Tamara Terry, Franz McLaren, Lysa Morgan, Jon Olson, Dana Michelle La Kat, Mike Cover, Jeff Brown, Tee Tyson, Steven P. Unger, Lydia Burris, Stephen Miller Sr., Michael-Colin Reed and Arthur Cullipher for helping me name the spider. You win this round La Kat! But I’ll be back.

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