by Dean Murray

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 Dean Murray

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Lacy blinked a couple of times, ridding her eyelashes of some of the gently falling snow, as she zipped up her light jacket. It wasn't really all that cold, but the moonless night and the huge snowflakes made her feel like she was the only person alive for miles. Even the infrequent suburb streetlights, all verging on being swallowed by the inky darkness, served only to highlight the dark emptiness of the rest of the night.

Crossing a street, and passing through one of the tiny pools of light, Lacy wondered if anyone had noticed when she slipped out of her home. Fresh snow crunched under the seventeen year old's feet, as she reached a brightly-lit house. In stark contrast to its silent, dark neighbors, the house and yard before her seemed to be welcoming Christmas. The floodlights and nativity weren't enough to breath a trace of warm cheer back into her. Not even the countless strands of lights woven through the branches of snow-covered trees managed to do that.

Even more welcoming than the cheery yard, were the lights blazing inside the house, a softly-glowing fire was just visible through partially-open curtains.

Lacy hadn't planned on ending up here when she set out from her house. In all fairness she hadn't really planned period. She'd just known that something was bothering her, and she needed some time to think.

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