Dipping Out

Short play of ten minute duration for one actor

Actors: One Woman mid thirties, happy disposition almost care free.

Set: Actress, dressed in Olympic track suit. A metal sports whistle, a mega phone a clip board with papers and a pen.

Synopsis: A Diving coach is having a try out for new members of an elite team to represent the country in future Olympics. She has to select from the group of young hopefuls and their parents.

Stage directions: The Coach stands front centre of stage. She imitates addressing and replying to the divers and their parents using the mega phone and her voice as each hopeful adds a new twist to the diving trials.

Act commences:

Coach. Motions mustering the people: Okay come line up! Let me look at all you fantastic athletes. Wow! I am impressed, now as I call your name I want you to go and climb the tall tower to the top and wait till I say dive, I want to see your best work, ok?

Parents, I want you to come stand beside me when it is your child on the tower,

so I can get all the little stars details.

Coach stands looking uphigh to front of stage towards audience, imagining a diving tower is 10 metres high and diver is standing waiting for instructions.

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