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What the Media Has Said About Anthony Reed

“Reed embodies the type of enthusiasm for life and the zest for a good run that might push Lance Armstrong into cycling another 100 miles for the fear of looking lazy.” - Ft. Worth Star-Telegram.

“Anthony Reed hasn’t stopped running since. He ran while earning his MBA, master’s of accounting, and CPA certification. And he kept going while working as an Information Technology Director at Texas Instruments, heading up his own consulting business, and teaching college accounting courses.” - Runner’s World magazine.

“Running has transformed Anthony Reed’s life. He simply set goals and set about accomplishing them.’ - Dallas Morning News.

“Through the years, Reed has found that many lessons learned along the race course don’t differ much from corporate America’s hills and valleys.” - National BMBA Magazine.

“Reed fits the profile—some would say stereotype—of a distance runner. He’s an over achiever at work and play. He has earned four degrees, is a CPA, and a certified Project Management Professional.” - St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

“How far can one man run? If Anthony Reed is the man, all over the world is the answer. He has run across a glacier in Antarctica and along the Great Wall of China.” - Southern Living magazine.

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