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Branded for Daniel

~K. Lyn~

Romancing Erotica Books

Copyright 03/20/2011: K. Lyn

All Rights Reserved


Included in: Branded for Daniel

1. Openers

2. Introduction

3. Branded for Daniel



Mandy has been a lifesaver to Daniel for many years, helping him out on the farm and keeping the weight of the world from killing him. The man who has worked hard for years is being used by his own family as a pawn for their personal gain, leaving him little time for a life of his own. When Mandy discovers secrets that Daniel has kept carefully hidden for years, she fears not only for his safety but for her own as well.

Branded for Daniel:

Dan cursed as he spun out of his parents’ driveway in the truck given to him by his cousin. The husband of Dan’s cousin had died suddenly, and he and Dan had been close friends for years. But tonight had been one of those nights, the kind of night that Dan had endured for years. Dan’s sister, who claimed to be a free spirit, going where the wind blew her, had come begging for money from her parents once again. Since her divorce, Dan’s sister had refused to grow up and assume responsibility for herself and her two children. Although she had been married to a good man, the wayward Jill had bought into the crap she had watched all day long on television about being her own woman and how she could do it all and still have time to spare.

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