“Well, she got what she wanted. Time to grow up, Jill.”

Dan worked hard during the day as an attorney in the city, and at nights and on the weekends he farmed with his dad. So, every time that Jill managed to play the “pity card” with their parents, Dan was also supporting his sister in her unwillingness to work, if not directly.

“If I farm with Dad, and if Dad’s cash flow comes from said farm, then I am supporting my sister and her two bratty kids.”

Dan parked his truck by the barn and began brushing his favorite horse.

“It’s not my job to raise those kids,” he shouted. “Someday I hope to have my own family.”

The more sensible sibling and also the elder of the two, Dan was still single. After watching his sister make a huge mess of her life, Dan was not willing to settle for someone simply because he was getting older. When he thought about his sister marrying at age nineteen and divorcing before she celebrated her thirtieth birthday, Dan felt sick. She hadn’t given her kids a second thought and she never would, not Jill.

“Sugar, you are going to have the shiniest coat of all the horses in the county,” he said to his beloved mare.

Dan loved his horse, Sugar, and whenever he had a heated argument with his sister, he would brush the beautiful horse. Sugar had been Dan’s horse since she was a colt and he thought that if anyone understood him, Sugar did.

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