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If this is your first time meeting the heroes of Siegel City, welcome! I hope you enjoy what you’re about to read. If you read this book in its original form, welcome back. Most everything is where you left it, although you may notice we’ve tidied up a bit and added a few new rooms in the back. If you listened to this book in its podcast form, you’ll still have a chance at a little new content, as I’ve included two additional short stories to this edition, the Christmas-themed tale “Lonely Miracle” and the prequel short story “Inciting Incident.” If you’ve already read both of those stories in their previous eBook editions (in my own A Long November and Other Tales of Christmas and the first edition of Flying Island Press’s Flagship anthology, respectively)… well, then this author’s note is the only new content for you. But thanks anyway for your purchase, I could use the cash.

Special thanks to Jacob Bascle for providing the cover to this edition of the book, my uncle Wallace Faucheux for providing the original cover (I really loved it, but I wanted to differentiate this edition from the first one), my sister Heather Keller for the logo for the Evercast podcast, my brother Jeff Hendricks for the Evercast theme music and for unending faith and support, to Eric Barrett for being the last line of defense between me and the world of typos, and to my Erin, for poking and prodding me until this story was finally available to everybody again.

This book is not the end for my stories, or even for the tales of Siegel City. You’ll be able to keep track what I’m doing at my website,, for as long as I can keep updating it.

Okay, enough of this. Let’s get to what you came here for. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and enter a world of heroes… and those who just wish they were.



Sometimes I still look at the sky and remember what it was like from the ground. I remember what it was like to stand on solid Earth and gaze at bodies in flight, not knowing what it was like to be a part of them. Sometimes I am lost in amazement at what I have become.

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