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Chapters 151-180

A weekly serial by

Robert Arthur Smith

THE DUCKS OF DOOM was a 2002 Independent e-Books award finalist.

Copyright 2000-2009,

Robert Arthur Smith,

All rights reserved.


Philip Napoleon was puzzled.

Everything had seemed to be going so well; the aliens and their odd pet were nicely stashed inside the Napoleon box with Freddy Manichean heresy; the sensor meshes had been secured on their peculiar craniums, and all of the electronics were functioning.

Then someone had screamed, and someone else had uttered a loud report.

After that, the Napoleon box had gone as silent as the grave.

Philip put an ear to the box and listened carefully, but there wasn't a sound.

"How long have you hated noise?" he called.

When there was no answer, he yelled, "There's an extra charge for silence. It makes my job harder."

This produced a thump inside the box, then an angry voice.

"Get on with it, will you! We don't have all day."

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