My husband, James and my beautiful daughter, Amy, have embraced my enthusiasm and commitment to write this book. Their patience with me over the past few years has been amazing, both standing back to allow me the space to complete this life long ambition. I love them both more than life itself.

I have made so many good friends through my writing, one in particular. Lorraine Holloway-White is a gifted medium and has helped me to develop my knowledge of mediumship, learning about the wonderful world of spirit. I wish to thank her for helping me with research and giving me the opportunity to promote my work through various websites such as Authors On Show.

Nicole Scheller, author and editor, helped me to improve this book. Her suggestions and editing of my manuscript have made me realise that writing isn't just about having a good imagination. It's also about commitment, dedication and a good plot. My life has been made all the richer for having met her.

After four years of blogging, I have been fortunate enough to make some invaluable friendships with people all over the world. Their love and support has often been the encouragement I needed to get through the dark days of suffering with epilepsy. They have remained loyal and interested in my writing and I thank them all from the bottom of my heart.

And most of all, I thank our fascinating world of spirit; an existence that we all will one day experience as we begin to understand a life after death.


This book is for you, Dad. You inspired me to write it, remained by my side as I wrote each word and developed each scene. I shall never say goodbye to you, for I know the day will come when you once more hold me in your strong arms, kiss my forehead then look into my eyes as you say, "mind how you go." In my heart and in my life, always.

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