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Speak, Vaccine! Speak!

Tim C. Taylor

Copyright Tim C. Taylor 2005-2011

Cover images copyright 2011 innovari (spaceship), Prashant Zl (man) Used under license from and copyright MKV9 (disease) from Stock XCHNG

Published by Greyhart Press at Smashwords

An earlier version of this story was published by Aphelion Webzine in 2005


Thanks to the critiquers of Other Worlds Writers’ Workshop and the readers of Apehelion Webzine for their cogent feedback.

This book is dedicated to my own modest generation ship that I (co-)pilot in Bromham.

Praise for this story

From the Aphelion Webzine forums

I’ve read tons of Science Fiction and I swear I think this is a completely new concept. How very rare.”

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