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About Writing Realistic Dialogue & Flash Fiction...

Reviewer Beth Morrow wrote “Stanbrough's engaging and insightful offering for writers of all fiction subgenres—and any writer who uses dialogue—is more like eight books in one. ... You'll discover not only how to make your dialogue more effective, but how to use the spoken word to create and enhance character, setting, mood, theme, and plot. You'll learn valuable keys to combining dialogue, punctuation and sentence structure to pace and intensify crucial story elements to engage the reader's interest—and ultimately their emotional involvement in your prose.

Don't let the simplistic appearance of the table of contents fool you into believing this book is basic. Packed with hints, lessons and important advice on how to use dialogue to your advantage in a variety of situations, every page had me thinking about how to tighten my current fiction work-in-progress by tweaking the dialogue and punctuation to accomplish more. ...

If you're considering adding a book on dialogue to your writing library, consider Writing Realistic Dialogue and Flash Fiction. Whether you're a published author or still working your way to print, you'll definitely be treated to more than you bargained for.

Writer Jean Coggins wrote

"I just had to write you this note! I received your books a few days ago and I must say that every new writer should have your books! (Notice, I only used one exclamation point!) Punctuation for Writers and Writing Realistic Dialogue & Flash Fiction were just the books I needed!"

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