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~Part One: Sweet Beginnings~

Jan’s wedding day was beautiful, with not a cloud in the sky. The sun was high overhead as she and her new husband promised their undying devotion and fidelity. The rambling old farmhouse where Jan had been born and raised had been given a fresh coat of paint for her special day. Jan had felt so grown up, much older than her nineteen years, with her long raven hair piled high upon her head. Jan was tall and slender, with a face that could best be described as classically beautiful. Her long limbs made her waist look smaller than it was, and all eyes had been on Jan the entire day. Jan’s husband, John, was a handsome man, though his handsome features paled in comparison to the beauty of his new bride.

Charm had drawn Jan to John, charm and the sexy swagger in his walk. John had a slight southern accent, though he had grown up in the north. Jan often teased him about his southern accent, and John would smile and come back with some far fetched story of how he had acquired his slight drawl. One time John had told Jan that he had been stolen as a baby and raised by gypsies. John’s sense of humor only added to his charm, and John’s charm had taken Jan’s breath away from their very first date.

Now Jan was Mrs. John Powell, though she insisted that she be addressed by her first name, and she also insisted that she was not Mrs. John Powell. She was Mrs. Jan Powell. “My name has never been John, and it never will be. My name is Jan.” Jan had been none too shy in insisting that it be this way, and that she be addressed as Jan even when speaking to her elders, or “old crows”, as she liked to call the older women who loved to spy on their younger counterparts.

John owned his own farm, which was located far enough from her own parents that Jan could do as she pleased. It was, however, too close to her mother-in-law, a woman who was loud, gossipy, and bossy.

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