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Aaron Majewski

Smashwords edition

Copyright 2011


The three-lane highway appeared little trafficked, long quiet moments passed in stillness... a car passed by; a blue Toyota. A few seconds later a yellow extended convertible drove by, full of shouting teenagers, all female; its radio blasted a song by Marcy Playground- Sex and Candy. The driver, Ann Parsons was a beautiful Caucasian woman in her early twenties with natural red hair, sparkling green eyes and a dazzling smile. She was going to med school next year and very excited about the prospect, especially as she was sure her ex likely wouldn’t be around. Sitting beside her, her best friend May (short for Marilyn) Chung, just twenty short and Chinese with a brilliant mind and short temper. She was pretty with glossy black hair and an energy that made men flock to her, but deeply in love she ignored all others.

In the middle seat was Mary Beth, a nineteen-year-old black classical musician. The daughter of a deeply devoted fire & brimstone style southern minister, who had made a point of raising his daughter properly; refusing to allow her to become the stereotypical preacher’s-daughter-who-rebelled. Beside her Susan Maid, nineteen white and beautiful, with wheat blond hair and bright blue eyes. On her other side sat Lisa Smith, nineteen and white, with brown hair and the ever rare and exotic green eyes. Alone in the back seat, sitting amidst bags and supplies like a vulture atop a recently deceased longhorn in the Texas desert, Leslie Croux a French-Canadian from Ontario, with dual citizenship. She was the youngest of the group at eighteen, but also the most outspoken and fearless; she had several tattoos, was a professional dominatrix and Lisas lesbian lover.

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