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Aaron Majewski

Smashwords edition

Copyright 2011

Author's note: Now here is an example of how a screenplay can change from original conception, to final completed format. The following pair of short stories; Kitchen foolishness one and two, show just how much a screenplay can change from what the writer originally envisioned, and what finally ends up on the screen...

A brightly lit absolutely clean large and inviting modern kitchen. Glistening clean surfaces gleamed, reflecting the light, polished cooking instruments inviting attention from anybody who enjoyed cooking. This kitchen was clearly the extremely well maintained domain of somebody who to put it mildly, liked to cook.

Early afternoon, for a moment all was still and silent, then the back door opened and a Teenager of around eighteen or so walked in. He’s built, a girl’s rugged wet dream, square jaw developed muscles; dressed in a causal tight t-shirt and old jeans. He had a bulging backpack open, textbooks threatened to spill from it with every slightest movement. Unperturbed he slid it off his shoulder and dropped it unceremoniously to the floor, causing a cascade of university texts to go slipping and sliding across the freshly waxed linoleum.

His belly rumbled ostentatiously loud, expectantly he looked around the kitchen. Spotted a large pot on the stove, simmering merrily, which he headed for eagerly. Taking the top off the pot, sending a cloud of steam into the air, he sniffed and made a sound of pleasure at the aroma. The Teenager took up the ladle sitting in the pot and tasted some of the contents, immediately he started, giving out a sound of pain dropping the ladle; he burnt his tongue.

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