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By Aaron Majewski

Smashwords edition

Copyright 2011

Chapter One- A Shady mistake

The upper middle class suburban neighborhood was calm and quiet. No one in sight in the warm early afternoon sunlight, but one specific house is of interest. Inside, a man recounts his tale…

From within Rhea speaks, her voice floating out through a window. “Calm down Rick, I assure you you’re not crazy; just relax and tell me exactly what happened step by step. I promise I won’t judge you.”

Rick replies harshly, empathetically. “But doctor, you have to believe me, this really happened, it’s not a story not a fantasy, it really occurred I have witnesses!”

The therapist soothes, “Okay Rick, just tell me everything and then we’ll discuss it.”

An office in the doctor’s home, the walls were of paneled wood. Bookcases line two of them, full of reference works; which lent a soothing air of competence and learning. The furniture is dark and heavy, sober and thought provoking. A tall brass lamp stands in one corner, and several comfortable armchairs flank a little table. Various diplomas and pictures of the doctor grace the wall behind her large desk.

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