I have observed this about most gamblers. For one thing, even if they had already lost too much due to a certain mistake, they continue to repeat it in their gambling, never even taking a minute to correct it. This is beyond me.

Most gamblers are successful in their fields. They are topnotch in figures, outstanding in organizing events, and genius in making money. But when it comes to gambling, they are kindergarteners playing with matches.

Why do gamblers do this? Why don’t they learn their lesson? There is only one possible answer: they do not know that they are making a mistake or they would have corrected themselves long ago. For how can a person correct a mistake if he does not know it is a mistake in the first place? It is like doing the wrong thing repeatedly for a long time not knowing there is a correct way to do it. As the saying goes; “If you don’t know what’s wrong, you can’t fix it.” To these gamblers, what they do is right to the best of their knowledge. They might have thought that the casinos’ steady win over them was just because of luck. They are hoping for the time when they get luckier than the casinos.

The purpose of this chapter is to make you aware of all the possible mistakes you can make in casino gambling so you can avoid them. It is okay to make a mistake perhaps once or twice, but to make the same ones for twenty years is just not acceptable. Further education is needed here.

I am presenting these errors in a way that corresponds to the kind of gambler that makes them, and I call them ‘casino personalities’. I believe it is easier to remember if presented this way.

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