Choices of Angelica White


Julia Talmadge, Author

Cynthia Herndon, Photographer


Can we always trust what our eyes tell us or do they lie at times, too clouded by our own prejudices? After all we are just mere humans, filled with flaws and frailties and it is those that make use uniquely who we are; but it is also those that make it difficult at times for us to see what is truly happening. Our own insecurities, fears, and past come into play with each and every situation presented to us. So would we, as humans, as a race of one people who inhabit this planet actually be able to tell if another race of beings were sent here to help or hurt us, or would we judge based on our own misconceptions. After all we are a society led by beauty, obsessed with youth, so would we truly be able to put all that aside and accept help, assistance from another species we might term unattractive? There lies too the question, for what is considered ugly by one individual, species, could be actually quite lovely to another. So is the challenge that Angelica faces when Earth is threatened yet again by the Crestons, this time wearing the guise of beauty.

Table of Contents:

Chapter One: Choices

Chapter Two: More About Angelica

Chapter Three: Friendship

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