Gender Swap Jezebel (Transformation Erotica)

by Wynne Burroughs

Smashwords Edition

Story © Wynne Burroughs

Cover © Can Stock Photo Inc. / labamba


Gender Swap Jezebel

About the Author

Gender Swap Jezebel

She was beautiful and mysterious, so how could John tell her no? Soon she takes him off to the woods and begins something kinky—something much kinkier than John could have imagined. John is changing. He's being transformed into a naughty little slut and the strange witchy woman who has captured him is gonna use him—er—her to satisfy all her depraved desires.

This story is for adults only and features graphic depictions of wax play, penetrative sex and gender transformation.

* * *

It was impossible to tell her “no”. She had dark, smoky eyes that smoldered with agelessness. Her touch felt electric—magical—fantastical—but I didn’t have the slightest inkling where she would lead me.

She shot me a glance from the drivers side of my car, the witchy woman. I was nervous and couldn’t hide it. She reached over and patted me on the thigh. My erection struggled against my pants. A sly smile curled across her lips.

“It won’t be long, don’t worry,” she said. And I couldn’t ignore her.

We drove out of town, down the highway and then turned down a dirt road. I watched her silently, transfixed. Perhaps I should have questioned her—where were we going? What was she planning? But she was so striking, so full of purpose and dominance that I couldn’t even manage that much.

In the distance there was a twinkle of orange light. A campfire? The trees were too close together, too hard to navigate in the darkness, so finally she shifted my car into park.

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