Manny To The Rescue: Gay Romance

By Trina Solet

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All sexual activity takes place between persons eighteen years of age or older.

This novel contains material intended for mature readers.

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Manny To The Rescue

Gay Romance

Trina Solet

Chapter 1

The alarm never woke him any more, not since he moved in with his mom to help take care of his nieces. For the last two years, Owen Wakefield had been jolted awake by the sounds of something getting dropped or knocked down, the sounds of laughing or arguing, or like this morning, the sounds of tiny, running feet. The feet kept going back and forth, back and forth until he couldn't take it any more.

Owen threw off the covers. After a quick visit to the bathroom, he grabbed his phone and walked out into the hallway. Maggie was there, holding two stuffed bears straight out in front of her and running up and down the hallway outside his bedroom door.

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