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Often I relied on friends to get me over the next hill. I went back to school full time to hone my skills and have a chance to get involved with the IT industry. Prior to these “hick ups” I was involved with sales involving heavy equipment and lived in different parts of Canada. My reasoning was that knowing more about this field I should have no problems to again be in sales but this time representing software designers.

Sorry to say but I found out that entering a new field without any experience while in my early fifties is not easy. At least I did not manage to do it and only found employment for less than one year, back to the drawing board while keeping alive by doing a variety of jobs.

Finally I became employed as a sweeper with an organization where I knew the owners. This may not have been something I emigrated from the Netherlands for but at least it was steady and allowed me to save money to try my next endeavour. Slowly the idea to go cycling to somewhere took form.

Preparation took a year before the finances to make this journey were at a point where I concluded; “just do it”. Hardly any new equipment to make this trip was used, including the bicycle. A goodwill store in Calgary was the supplier for only $19.00.

This book describes a cycling odyssey from Calgary, Alberta to the Panama Canal and back again to Calgary.

The journey took almost 8 months to complete. I crossed the United Sates going south through Montana, Idaho, Nevada, briefly in California, back to Arizona and the Mexican border. In Mexico going south I stayed inland but when the opportunity arose I followed the Pacific Ocean, parts of which have been described as dangerous to travel and to be avoided.

I always tried to avoid the well known tourist areas and when in one never stayed more than one day. In tourist areas everything was dearer than somewhere else and I did not make this trip to see places having direct flights from and to Calgary.

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