Vision of Christ for New Earth

Tony Tucker

Vision of Christ for New Earth

Published by Tony Tucker at Smashwords Copyright 2014

I AM Christ Jesus. I abide in thee. I bring forth a message of Love and Renewal for you and Our Beloved Community. I now call to all Children of God. Put down your swords and shields and come follow Me. Yes, dear children, put down your swords and shields and come follow me in the ways of Love. If, in your need for protection, you grab your sword to strike down your enemies, remember this Heavenly Edict – The Truth needs no defense. If in your need for security, you grab your shield to build walls against your enemies, remember this Heavenly Edict – Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists, herein lies the Peace of God. Defense will chase Truth away. We must remain open to receive through all channels of our diverse culture. Building walls will only make true security elusive and ever-pursuant. Put all your faith in the Love of God within you; eternal, changeless, and forever unfailing. This is the answer to whatever confronts you today. Walk the path of Truth, Dance the steps of Peace, Sing the song of Joy, and Dream this reality of Love.

Do not fight, do not act, do not think, just Love. Why do you run away from me? Why do you assume that I AM somehow up to no good? Just because others have wrongly used My Name for their hurtful practices does not mean that I AM hurtful. I AM greatly saddened at all the horrendous things that people have done in “My Name,” that are no part of Our Father or Me, whatsoever. The absence of Love is very apparent in some people. Who will look close beyond the man-made distortions and the maddening harm done in “My Name” to see the real Me ~ My Power, Glory, Grace, and Love of All Mankind? Prepare ye for the Golden Age of Peace.” For more information or to become part of “The Movement” visit or call Tony Namaste’ Tucker, TNT, The Change Master (970)231-6729Welcome to the world of Love:

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