Jade, Cody, And The Two Succubi


Joyce Melbourne

Copyright 2014 Joyce Melbourne

Smashwords Edition

Synopsis: When a couple finds their sex drive lacking, a nighttime visitation by a ghostly being or two, surprises them both.

“I could have sworn I put my coat away,” Jade said to Cody, her live in boyfriend. “Now, look, it’s on the arm of the chair! Am I going crazy?”

“You’re already my crazy girl,” he replied putting his arms around her waist from the back and pulling her close. “Maybe you just thought you hung it up.”

“I’m serious, Cody. And that isn’t the first thing. Yesterday when I went to brush my hair, couldn’t find the brush in the bathroom anywhere. When I went to get dressed, there it was on the foot of the bed. Really? Now when is the last time you saw me brush my hair in the bedroom? Like never.”

“Shhh…” he said, running his hands around her waist and up to her breasts. Even through the soft sweater, he could feel her nipples hardening at his touch. He loved her breasts. Hell, he loved every inch of Jade’s body. That was no secret. And it wasn’t a secret that other men noticed her, too; all the time.

Jade freed herself from his grasp and kissed his cheek hurriedly. “Gotta go, those trains wait for no man, you know.” She grabbed her purse and coat and closed the door behind her.

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