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This Time Around


Olivia D. Monroe

© Olivia D. Monroe, August 2011

Published at Smashwords



Oh great!” thought Kayla Mitchell as she looked down at the run in her stockings. “This is just going to be the best day ever”, she mused. It was Monday, of course, and she was running late for a meeting at work. “Whoever decided it was a good idea to hold meetings on Monday mornings anyway? That’s like the worst day and time for a meeting ever!” she was thinking. Finding a run in her stockings on top of her having spilled her coffee on her jacket and smearing her mascara made her feel just a little more than inadequate. She had barely slept last night and when she finally did get to sleep, she forgot to reset the alarm and overslept. No time to shower, she pulled her hair up into a ponytail, slapped on her makeup, brushed her teeth and grabbed a coffee mug and filled it with black coffee. She threw the mascara into her purse for application on the ride to work and in her haste hadn’t noticed that she’d punctured her nail through her stockings. And so began her lovely week.

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