“Daugharty’s characters convince.” Entertainment Weekly

A Righteous Wind


Janice Daugharty

For Scott and Sharon Waynick, who whole-heartedly approved of my using them as models for Shelton and Elaine. Though fiction through and through, this novel is based on Scott’s account of his recent religious conversion. To God be the glory!

Acknowledgements: Dr. David Jeremiah, whose book, WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON? along with the Holy Bible, inspired and informed this novel.

Cover Art by Wes Sewell

“We have a righteous wind at our back.” Barak Obama

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Copyright 2011 Janice Daugharty

A Righteous Wind

Part One

Chapter 1

Shelton, napping on the couch in the living room, wakes to a wet kiss on his cheek from their Bull Terrier, Dixie. Pink tongue, bulb eyes and pop-up ears.

“Hey, girl, what’s up?” One hand on the dog’s broad head, Shelton sits, cowboy boots planted on the floor like empties. “Huh! How’d it get dark so quick?”

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