‘What a splendid offering ... The consistently high quality of Russell James's work must put him up amongst the elite of crime writers, and this book is no exception to his excellence ...This is a wonderfully evoked work in all aspects: pace, plot, characterisation and narrative are all excellent. An absolute must.’ - Steve Freeborn in A Shot In The Dark magazine.

‘Deftly combines chilling suspense and insightful characterization, leaving us both breathless and satisfied after a heart-stopping finale.’ - Peter Handel in San Francisco Chronicle.

Count Me Out

published by Russell James at Smashwords

copyright Russell James renewed 2011

Count Me Out was first published in the UK by Serpent’s Tail in 1996 and in America by Foul Play Press in 1997. It appeared in French as Mauvais Coups, published by L’Atalante.

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