Chapter 1

It was a warm summer in the small, friendly town of Wolfe Lake. Ben Donovan, his wife Sara and two daughters, Katie and Megan lived in a modest white house that sat on a hill, overlooking a round, fresh-water lake.
Ben owned a two-man landscaping business. His wife, Sara was a homemaker. She took care of six-year old Megan, eight-year old Katie, plus the two-family pets, Polly, the multi-colored parrot and Stubby a tan-colored, short, bowlegged bulldog. Ben has always called his wife, Mama Sara. The two young girls have learned this from their father and also call their mother, Mama Sara. Over the years, Mama Sara, who loved all animals, has mended the wings of birds so they could fly again, and healed the cuts or breaks in the legs of squirrels, raccoons, and even a baby deer, so they could run and play.
During the last week of June, Mama Sara found a black crow in the woods behind their house. The crow was lying on the ground. He had a head injury, and his tiny tongue had been badly cut. She took him home and tended to his injuries. It took two weeks for the crow to heal. Finally, Mama Sara felt it was time for the black crow to fly back into the wild, so she and the two girls opened the back screen door to let him go free. The black crow went outside and flew into the air. Then, to their surprise, he returned and landed on the porch railing. He stood looking at them. Unlike the other animals Mama Sara had healed in the past, he didn't leave. He stayed with them and became one of their family pets. They named him Al.
One afternoon; Mama Sara, Megan and Katie were sitting on the back screened-porch. Polly was in her cage. Stubby was lying on the floor, and Al was perched on the back of a chair.

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