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Kit Tunstall and Amourisa Press reserve all rights to UNDERCOVER MOTHER. Please obtain permission to use excerpts from the author or the publisher.

© Kit Tunstall, 2002, First Edition

2011, Second Edition

Published by Amourisa Press at Smashwords.

For a touching story that showcases love in all its forms, be sure not to miss UNDERCOVER MOTHER.” -- Romance Reviews Today (Jennifer Bishop)

Caris’s vengeful ex-boyfriend successfully sues for custody of their three-month-old baby after casting her in a bad light. Once he dumps Jessica on his brother and leaves the country, Caris seizes the opportunity to be with her daughter again by posing as the nanny. What she doesn’t count on is the growing attraction she feels for Brendan’s brother, Dom. Suddenly, she’s spinning fantasies of being more than an undercover mother, and they’re all starring Dom. She falls in love with him, but her deception, and events in the past, haunt any future they may have together.

Chapter 1

Caris clutched Jessica to her chest as she pounded on Trent’s door. It was three in the morning, but she hoped he would still be awake since his shift would have ended less than an hour ago. “Trent, are you in there?”

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