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Young Subway Stalkers

three short stories by Tom Lichtenberg

Smashwords Edition copyright 2011 by Tom Lichtenberg

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

This ebook (previously published as Sexy Teenage Vampires) is licensed for your personal enjoyment only.

Young Subway Stalkers

Return of the Young Subway Stalkers

Attack of the Young Subway Stalkers

Young Subway Stalkers

These days you can be too careful. You can be so careful that you miss everything worth anything in this life. My time is short. The doctor told me I would live to seventy two if I was lucky. It's what his computer told him. He punched in all the data about me and out it came. Seventy two. I paid attention since it was exactly what the fortune teller told me when I was only twenty one. She also told me to watch out for people whose names begin with A and N. Like Anne. Or Andy. Or Angela. Angela's the one who owns this crappy newsstand. She don't pay me enough to live on but maybe just enough to make it to seventy two. I'm seventy one already

I've been working this night shift here down in the station for twenty seven years. Is this enough numbers for you? I don't want to lose you or get you confused. A paper used to cost a nickel, then a dime, then a quarter. Now it's what? A dollar for a fricking USA Today? You're paying for all that colored ink they use. Got to have something easy on the eyes. You know how it is. You see a movie, there'd better be tits. It's factored into the price of the ticket. I'm all about numbers. I'm adding them up in my head all day long. Ever since I was a kid I've been adding things up. My first word, they tell me, was "two".

You live long enough you see everything down here. Millions of people streaming by all the time, catching their trains, coming into the city and going back out. It's like schools of fish. Train comes in, legs swarm out, swooping this way and that, out to the street, up above ground. I see them up there too sometimes but mostly by the time I get off and go home it's pretty empty up there. Five in the morning is when I get off. I start around six in the night. It's a pretty long shift but I like it. I've seen every kind of thing at least once. Blood, guts, you name it. Cops call me Willy but my real name is Bill.

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