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The Arrival

Tegan looked at her watch. In a couple of hours, it would be nightfall. She had been driving since dawn and had only stopped for a break a couple of times.

An open road map lay on the passenger seat beside her. She pulled her 4WD over to the side of the road and looked at the little photo frame that swung side to side from the mirror.

A happy five-year-old boy beamed back at her. “Mummy will find you baby”. Tegan’s stomached churned, as she remembered the last time that she had held her little boy. She had kissed his little forehead and lovingly ran her fingers through his ruffled dark hair. “Now you be good for Daddy and Nanny. I will see you in a few days”. James had given her a huge grin and had replied, “ I love you mummy”. Tegan couldn’t have guessed that this would be the last time she would ever see James and her husband Drew, walk hand in hand through the front door of their house.

That was six months ago. They had never made it to Drew’s mothers house and their car was found abandoned in bushland, near where Tegan was now parked.

Tegan looked out the window. It was the middle of summer. Inside her 4WD, it was cool, but outside the heat radiated from the dirt road.

She switched off the ignition, turning off the air conditioner. Opening the door, her boot hit the dirt. Dust covered her shoes as she got out of the car and stood beside it, taking in the scenery and everything around her.

Swooping her long dark hair, up into a ponytail, she wiped the perspiration from the back of her neck.

Searing heat hit her hard, as she could feel the late afternoon sun bearing down upon her already tanned skin.

She adjusted her black Singlet and straightened out her khaki shorts. It was good to get out and to stretch the legs, even if the heat was over whelming.

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