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a writing by Kato

Copyright 2011 Kato

Smashwords Edition


Everywhere and nowhere, that’s where we are. There’s never a need to care for what others may think, say or do, because when you really try to live one way, there’s always another way waiting upon you to fly through; chasing dreams and loving that they’re never real. Vats full of brains living out dreamt lives on a planet somewhere far, always nowhere in particular.

Happiness as content in knowing their lives mean little, yet such people enjoy every second. Is that a way to go about, as opposed to any other particular way? Living day to day in terms of simple survival is not at all something to be seen as virtuous, is it? Is there virtue in a flea fulfilling its purpose? I suppose I would find a virtuous flea to be the one that starves rather than feed upon me, but as has been decreed, neither flea nor beast can ever know virtue.

So, virtue is more based on a kind of selfish human perspective from which you assign what’s right and just, namely as it affects yourself and to a lesser extent your fellow species. These types of things can, of course, be taken for granted. The enlightened animal politely forgets he himself is forever a beast. I speak of men alone, as women seem to find ways of floating beyond such controlling tendencies of virtue. To speak of virtuous women would be akin to speaking of a far less cruel species. Women content themselves to cruelty of the heart, men of the soul.

Revolutions across the Arab world have shown rather ruthlessly how tyrannical governments respond to any conflicting views of their virtuous state government. The state must, of course, be the prime bearer of virtue and justice within a society, and any dissent against this order must, inevitably, be met with oppression through the threatened state.

The specific kinds of oppression differ particularly according to the virtue of the leaders behind such a tyranny. If the leader believes himself to be absolute in his virtue, then slaughtering thousands of his own civilians is ever a just cause when faced with the concept of being overthrown.

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