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Dead End

by Barry Friedman

Copyright ©2011 by Barry Friedman

Smashwords Edition

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On the last day of his life, Henry Gibson glanced at his wrist watch as he trudged to his Subaru minivan. The calendar on the watch face read April 7th. Tomorrow would be Harriet’s birthday, her thirty-sixth. He debated whether to stop at Potter and Lemon and pick up the silver bracelet he had bought and left to be engraved. Not very original, the engraving. He had to smile when he thought of it: “From HG to HG with love.” Maybe he should have included their middle initials so it wouldn’t seem so narcissistic, so stupid. Oh well, it was the sentiment that mattered. The jewelry store remained open until seven, but the hell with it. He’d do it tomorrow. He was too tired, just wanted to get home, have a drink and relax before dinner.

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