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I Talk to Togo

Todd Philip Dolce’

Copyright 2010 by Todd Philip Dolce’

Smashwords Edition

Chapter 1: Ward of the State

She seemed to take great pleasure in striking fear in the hearts of children here at the orphanage, and with so many years of experience behind her, our co-headmaster, Hilda Hagmire, had become a pro. Always appearing happiest when dishing out punishments to any undeserving kid unfortunate enough to cross her path, she took great pride in watching us squirm at the mere sight of her presence. Unfortunately for us; this occurred on a daily basis.

Although not picky about whom she chose to torture, Hilda Hagmire seemed to take even greater pleasure in intimidating quiet kids like me. Today, during our free time in the recreation lounge, was no exception. As her eyes looked down upon me with her trademark stone cold glare, she spoke with the raspy voice of a woman who chewed on sandpaper for fun and pleasure.

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