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Presumably, if you picked up volume three of a series, you kind of know what it’s about. Just in case, this is the compilation of the third year of the Chiron Training blog. You can read almost all of it for free at:

I’ve cleaned up the grammar, put it more-or-less in chronological order and added some new material.

The blog itself started accidentally. That happens a lot with me and technology. A good friend had started her blog and posted about training dogs—she trained search animals and wondered about K9 cop dogs. Hey, she’s a friend, I was a sergeant and search and rescue advisor for the Sheriff’s department and two of the K9 guys were friends… how hard would it be to post a comment offering an introduction.

Twenty minutes later I finally got to post the comment and in the process had somehow created my own blog. Which sat there, empty. For a while.

I didn’t tell anyone about the blog and wrote, originally, to get stuff out of my head or to think out loud. Somehow, it caught on.

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