1. How to Create Audio Drama Even if You’ve Never Mixed Audio Before in Your Life

by Matthew McLean

© copyright 2014 Matthew McLean

Smashwords Edition

Cover art by Craig Thomson

With thanks to Julia, Scott, Tony, Bryce and Robert.

Before we start…

The content provided in this book is for information purposes only. I’ve been creating audio drama since late 2011 along with my co-writer/producer Robert Cudmore at Yap Audio Production. I don’t claim to be an expert; I simply want to pass on some of my own thoughts and experiences to you, which will hopefully help you to get started in the world of audio drama production. I can’t promise or guarantee anything from this book, and if there’s anything you feel I’ve miscommunicated, missed out, or made a meal of explaining then please do let me know, and I’ll do my best to fix it.

I’ve tried to lay things out in as relevant an order as I felt appropriate. That isn’t to say you should feel you have to read it cover to cover, if there are certain sections that you are already well aware of, or only a few areas that interest you, then by all means read as much or as little, and in any order as you like.

I do mention, and even recommend some equipment in this guide. This is based entirely on my own experiences and that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be the right gear for you, so do your research before going ahead and making a purchase. There are no affiliate links in this book so I’m not trying to earn commissions or anything. There are also links to some websites I’ve found useful; please bear in mind that they are external sites, of which I have no affiliation or control over.

In theory, this isn’t a ‘step by step’ guide, and I’ve decided to leave out the script-writing chapter I had originally planned to include. Why? Because I’m guessing you’ve probably written something before. In fact, there’s every chance you’re a better and more experienced script writer than me, and don’t need any guidance on that front anyway. That’s not to say I won’t put out something with my thoughts and opinions on audio drama script writing in the future. I just imagine that if there were factors preventing people from starting their own show, they’d be more likely to be audio and technical issues, and those are the things that I’d like to help guide you through in this particular guide.

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