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They say payback’s a bitch.

Stella couldn’t have agreed more as she slid her hand over her boss’ crotch to jack him off. They were in the middle of a video conference meeting with some bigwigs from the corporate headquarters when Stella exacted her revenge.

Ray, her boss, was startled at her initiation, but he couldn’t do anything about it. The camera was focused solely on him as he delivered the company’s quarterly report. His hands froze in midair; his voice strangled in his throat. On the huge screen across the table, Mr. Imakita, the godfather of the bigwigs, asked Ray if he was okay. With all the grace he could muster, Ray cleared his throat. “I’m fine, Sir. I apologize…”

Stella fought hard not to smile, schooling her face to look concerned and then shifting her attention back to her notepad, pretending to scribble something important. Meanwhile, under the desk, she managed to unzip Ray’s fly. She knew her boss, sharp dresser that he was, had an odd habit of going commando, which on this occasion suited her evil plot just fine. Ray’s cock twitched, saying hello back to her. Ray stiffened, his jaws clenched and his voice strained as he recited some numbers to their bosses. And when Stella scooped his cock and gave him some gentle, loving squeezes, Ray coughed to obscure his whimper.

She stole a glance at him. Her boss was starting to sweat. Under the desk, his cock was standing proudly at full attention like a soldier ready for battle. She couldn’t see him directly, but judging from the way he felt, Ray was huge by a cock aficionado’s standard. He was thick and very responsive. Truly a cock primed to blow. Too bad it was attached to an asshole of a man, the man who had made her life miserable for the past five months.

Since Ray had taken over his father’s position, Stella’s life had been a living hell. He complained about her performances, micro managing every task, and he even criticized the way she dressed — too slutty for a secretary, he’d said. She had bad taste in fashion, and everything else. Stella told herself she could handle the insults — she loved her job. But when she’d overheard him talk to the HR manager about letting her go a couple of days ago, she’d decided it was time for payback. If she had to go after eight faithful years with the company, she might as well go with a bang.

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