Marked By the Wolf Box Set (Werewolf Romance) © 2014 Mac Flynn

Genre: Contemporary Romance / Paranormal Romance / Romantic Comedy / Fantasy Romance

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Chapter 1

I lay on the bed my naked body squirming atop the silk sheets. Over me was the dark form of my lover, a man as handsome and strong as any. He covered me with his warm, muscled body and wrapped me in his arms. I grasped his shoulders and sighed as he kissed my neck. He raised his head and his brilliant blue eyes stared into mine.

"Danielle, wake up! Wake up!"

I yelped and fell forward out of my chair. A pair of strong arms caught me, but they weren't the arms of my lover. I was in the arms of my work chair and coworker, Johnny Miller. That meant I was in my cubbyhole cubicle at the office and again bored out of my mind so bad that I fell asleep.

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